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Jobs -Job agency CARUSOSHOW Night Club select hostess,image girls,models,gogo dancers, dancers show,to work in the areas of entertainment shows,entertainment & animation.


agency specializing exclusively 

in the entertainment business

 entertainment, night clubs, 

disco & lap dancing.

Entertainment agency duly registered with the

Chamber of Commerce in Italy
Our agency, operating for some time now in the entertainment industry andentertainment nightly, employs more serious and 

motivated girls to the best night clubs and lap dance in Italy.


  Italian agency is recruting girls to work   , club dancers , hostess ,  entertainer girls

 We are recruting girls to acompany guests at their table and also we are selecting personal for outstanding shows

CARUSOSHOWr offers job for  girls as hostess , entertainer girls , dancers and models  

We are selecting for a large variaty of high class clubs which are situateted in  all Italy as well as many other regions .

We guaranty legal work contracts ( following the italian law ) for anyone serios about the job  , assistance 24/7 In our contracts we offer a minimum wage of €60 - €100 per night ( 6 nights out of 7 ) and on top of that will be added  (  + ) the drinks procentage  .  


We are recruting girls (Uzbekistan, Albanian, Bulgarian, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Cuba , Polish, Czech, English, Russian, Ukraine,Romanian)who are realy interested about this type of job .

Accomodation / transport are offered by club

We offer a high quality of services / contracts and in return , all we ask for is to be reliable and serious about the job Please don't contact us for any other reasons or types of jobs .

If you are interested to start a new carier please send us your CV as well as 5 recent photos

( casual photos , not professional / nude ) 

For more information you can contact us

0039 / 3388620087 Roberto 


If you are getting is appropriate to think that you are looking for job opportunities as Hostess in Italian Night Clubs.

Well you're in the right place you can find better job opportunities for the job of hostess to the best Italian Night Clubs!

We are looking for Hostess candidates with the following requirements

Work placement in the most prestigious Italian Night Club:Good looks, sociability, Femininity and Elegance

As well as explaining what a hostess is we also have a frequently asked questions section, a list of nigh tclubs currently recruiting and a general contact form for any questions we might not have covered elsewhere on the site.
Contact us with any questions you may have Clubs in Italy are always looking for hostesses, and it is worth doing your research as to what the club is like before you apply.
All the clubs are in prestigiouse areas of Italy, is high class and offers training then you stand a better chance of making good money, as you will be shown how to maximize champagne sales and they will have a higher class of customer.


Night Club Hostess Jobs in Italy

Only the Best Night Clubs in Italian Territory

All Assistance and Colsuntancy that you need

Are you a Hostess or would like to become Hostess?

The role of Hostess Night Club in Italy is to sit in the club and to communicate verbally with the customers in a friendly environment, consuming drinks.

Only The Best Night Clubs for You !! All clear with seriousness and transparency

Our offers are tempting and varied, the Italian Night Clubs with which we collaborate have siple systems and conditions allowing to you to figure out exactly the work you have to do with clarity  without misunderstandings.

The club in which work is divided into three areas, an area for customers of the local area to where the hostess can sit back and wait for the waiter to accompany a drink with the Clent and the bar area in where the hostess can enjoy a drink if they wish and know the score

To see the terms of any club go to the Home Page / Clubs and select the local area or that you like and in addition to photographs of the club and the area you can check the working conditions.


Questions - Hostess Jobs

How do I know it’s safe?

It is understandable that you are afraid to leave your country to work in places you have never been before

On the Internet you come across a great number of job offers for dancers & hostesses and as such it is good to proceed with caution if someone is intrusive or if you think  that the offer seems to be too tantalizing to be true.

You can get all the information about our Agency on the CONTACT US page, moreover upon request we are glad to give you further information and details or the opportunity to talk by phone with other girls who already work with us.

Who pays the Agency?

The owners of the clubs pay Star Agency. Not the hostesses. You don’t pay us a cent

Will I be met upon my arrival?

Yes, a member of the staff of our Agency will come to collect you at the airport or at the bus station and will take you to your accommodation and show you the club where you will work.

Is it necessary to speak Italian?

It will certainly be useful for you to learn common phrases in Italian and to have a minimal knowledge also of English.

However you must remember that with patience and in a few weeks you will be able to make yourself understood

We suggest you purchase an Italian dictionary before your arrival.

Do I have to drink alcohol in the club?

Not, if you wish it is possible to drink only non-alcoholic drinks.


How long can I stay?

For ARTISTS from outside the EU: The maximum length of stay depends on the duration of the work permit, 3 or 6 months. With the work visa of 3 months

it is not possible to extend further the length of stay in Italy whereas with the 6 month visa if you wish to stay, it is possible to request a further extension of the work period for 6 months

For EU ARTISTS: Obviously the dates of work periods are flexible according to different needs  (in any case though, it should be a working period not less than a month. Contact us via Apply and tell us when you would like to begin.

I’m having problems sending my request, what should I do?

The main reason for failed sending of a request is due to the format of the attached photos being too big. If possible, reduce the format of the image, or more simply send your request and afterwards the images separately by mail to:

May I introduce a friend and bring her with me?

Do not hesitate to introduce all the friends you like. However you will need to tell her to contact me through this web site. Just click on the Apply button.

insert your best photos. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you as soon as you have forwarded the registration form Clikk 

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